Black magic n brownstone steps

Jay. Midwest Transplant. MFA candidate. 23

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19 / 9 / 12

I’m trying to navigate my way through/find my place in the art world as “other”. Who is my audience? or do I even care to have a specific audience? Why do I make art? Obviously it is not just for myself but who am I trying to appeal to. Why do I have to choose? more importantly why is that i’m told to be careful, because the white students who are appropriating culture/religion/race no one is telling them to be careful…no one is telling them “be careful with your subject matter because you may not get shown in certain art galleries/museums because your work is solely about whitness…be careful someone may get upset” It still makes me angry when I think back to my crit yesterday when a girl said she can’t relate to my work because she isn’t black, but if you paid attention to any other thing but yourself you would see what my work was about. It just angers me it is the same thing with my professors. Last year they were all too afraid to talk to me about my work, one even said “I’m not sure if I’m allowed to comment on it”

  1. penelopemars said: "otherness" is like a society-inflicted disease >:( god, white privilege persists in every corner of this world.
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