Black magic n brownstone steps

Jay. Midwest Transplant. MFA candidate. 23

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18 / 9 / 12

I’m physically and mentally broken down. I’m tired and emotional and right now this is the only space i have to vent..but I can’t even do that safely here so this will all just be abstract thoughts no one will even understand.

when you spend everyday from 830am-10pm or later everyday in a space in your thoughts and in your head things get weary. Lack of sleep, poor diet, stress, constant pressure and then when you want specific feedback of all your hard work and the responses come up short its tiring and disheartening. 

who am I making work for.

I hate that i get “I cant relate to your work because I’m not black” its all so tiring.  I’m just really upset about a lot of things and i cant figure out where im suppose to put that energy towards

I just want to curl up into a ball. After having 6 hours of bs critiques in a freezing cold environment then three hours of depressing politics to then have to sit in a studio for another 4 hours and try to make work is just tiring but i still have work to do for my am class.

is this really what I want to do for another two years after this.

I keep putting myself in situations Im not sure about.

  1. trustinhi said: I feel your pain Chem 1 is devil trying to keep me down
  2. dwellfreely said: I’m so sorry love, wish I can do something to help….how about this: \(^_^)/ a hug lol
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