Black magic n brownstone steps

Jay. Midwest Transplant. MFA candidate. 23

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6 / 7 / 12
Anonymousasks: Everything you write about seems "black power" and "the white man keeping blacks down" what made you want to make African-American art? What makes you want to research African-American art? What is your ethnicity?

I woudn’t quite put my art in the category of solely african american art eventhough I’m mainly focusing on black visual culture these days… but more so  I make identity art. My environment here in philly has a lot to do with what I am making as well as my personal narrative. To me art with history, culture, pain, struggle is far more interesting than just pretty colors/landscape. Art made by people who are being oppressed shows richness. I’m fascinated by art that shows the same struggles I am going through/ struggles I have yet to face. 

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