Black magic n brownstone steps

Jay. Midwest Transplant. MFA candidate. 23

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17 / 6 / 12

The place I lived in nj for over 13 years no longer is where I call home. Home is a strange word to begin with …the same as family. The place I use to call home makes me uncomfortable and isn’t safe anymore, but I honestly can’t remember when it was safe. The place I’ve been calling home for the last year, the place I spent all my money on just so I can feel safe is no longer home either. I loved that place I loved being on my own and seeing I could do it. That place is now a transitional space. In august ill be moving in my new home for a year before I pack up and move to a new state/city for grad school and make a new space my home, temporarily. I’m grateful after almost my whole life being able to choose what home is, as well aa choose who my family is. My chosen home(s) and my chosen family are really what has kept me going, kept me wanting to live. This short break back to philly reassured that. Keep growing, keep moving, keep living, and keep loving.

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